Monday 29 July 2013

Something positive about Monday?

This was Monday today, I thought it never ended. Not that it was a bad day at work, in fact it was quite good for a Monday, but it was still a Monday and it had this Monday feel. It is difficult to describe properly, it is akin to melancholy without being exactly melancholy. Maybe it is more akin to monotony. Mondays are long and tiresome, whether you work or not. I compare them as hell. So I was wondering today what can I find that is genuinely positive about Mondays, something that is proper to Monday. I used to look forward to Monday when there it was the time of my favorite TV series. But that was years ago. When I was living and working in Liverpool, I was sometimes giving literature classes on Monday and I particularly enjoyed them. But nowadays, Monday is the day of quick and unimaginative lunches, boring suppers, monotonous commuting and blurry grey routine. Is there anything intrinsically good to Monday? Or at least to your Monday? Preferably something I can import. You tell me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nah. Mondays are uniformly the same all over the world.

Guillaume said...

That's what I was suspecting.