Wednesday 10 July 2013

Stockholm in one picture

I would like to start this post with a bit of trivia: as I have mentioned before on this blog I work in a diversified cultural environment (it is one of the good things about my job), with colleagues from all around the world (sometimes even England).One of them is Swedish and she mentioned today to my colleagues and I that she was from Stockholm. Which reminded me that I have visited Sweden, nearly 20 years ago, and that I saw Stockholm.

Why my family and I visited Sweden of all places was due to one reason: a year before we had a Swedish student who came to live with us and we were going to visit her in her own country. She was from the North and I will blog about my trip there more, but this post is about Stockholm, where we spend the first and last few days of our trip. The picture you can see was taken by dad during this holiday. You can tell it is an old picture scanned, but it gives you an idea of the city and its character. Stockholm is one of the cities that can be labelled Venice of the North. I have seen more Venice looking places, but rarely have I seen more northern looking places, even in the middle of an unusually hot summer, like it was then. Stockholm is beautiful, Stockholm has character. My brother is going to visit it this summer. I envy him. I am sure it has changed a lot in twenty years, but I am sure it still is beautiful.

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