Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday treat with a (slight) twist

Sometimes circumstances change your usual treat. Like today. I had made my own salmon sandwich with horseradish sauce on... Monday, as I had made it myself. It was not as good really, but anyway. So I decided to have the usual, but with Philadelphia cheese instead of horseradish sauce. The guys at the sandwich shop know me well enough, so they know exactly what I will ask, minus one or two details. I had the usual Coca Cola on the side, however, as they didn't have cashew nuts, I had chilli flavoured roasted peanuts instead.

And on my way back home, I stopped at one of the local wine shops to taste some samples. On an empty stomach and tired, it is a sure way to get to your head quickly, but it was so pleasant. I won't mind the headache later.

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tao.owl said...

I tried chili flavored roasted peanuts for the first time yesterday. I decided to include them as a salad topping. It was delightful and made me happy.