Thursday 5 April 2012

Beer and raw eggs for breakfast?

Do not worry: I am not talking about what I am going to have tomorrow morning. No, I will enjoy peanut butter toasts. Simple but delicious. But I am watching the second season of The Wire (again) and this is what the dockers have. They order it as breakfast. It is a startling image, seeing them drinking beer with a raw egg in the morning. As a child I once drank a bit of raw egg by mistake, thinking it was milk, I still remember the disgusting taste. I had a quick look on Google and there is info about it on Yahoo and elsewhere. I have no doubt this is authentic tradition, in Baltimore and probably elsewhere. I wonder if anyone who read this have heard of it outside fiction and witnessed it, or better still, have tried the unusual breakfast themselves.


Lindsey said...

It would be disgusting to drink them but I have heard that some bodybuilders or people trying to get rid of a hangover drink them.

tao.owl said...

I have a coworker who orders raw eggs by the gallon from some unknown source and drinks them raw - I don't understand this and find it unappealing to say the least. I will take peanut butter toast any day!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Guillaume, Eggnog is made with raw eggs and I love it... But yesterday I came across this interesting info:
I learned that you only take in 50% of the nutritional value when you eat an egg raw as compared to 90% of the nutritional value from a cooked egg..
That surprised me, I never would have thought.

Bunk Moreland said...

I've heard of it. A friend of mine's dad, from Rhode Island, drinks beer and tomato juice with a raw egg as a hangover cure.

I tried it a few times after seeing it in the Wire -- just the beer and the egg, no tomato juice. It's not bad, it tastes basically like a beer until you reach the bottom and you have to swallow the yolk. Make sure to gulp hard when you're doing this, the yolks kind of big and feels weird going down your throat. If you don't swallow it hard and quick, you might spit it up. But if you swallow it right, it's fine it doesn't taste like much of anything.

It might be an effective hangover cure -- days I've tried it have been days where I was pretty much going right back to the bar after breakfast, so a couple hours after I tried it I was right back where I'd been last night anyway.

Guillaume said...

@Bunk-Thank you for commenting on my blog! Where did you find it? I see you are a Wire fan too, with the penname you took and if you have been braved enough to try this breakfast yourself! I never went as far. Yet.