Sunday 29 April 2012

Another noir painting

I recently blogged about the paintings of Fabian Perez. Yesterday I went to the local art gallery where they are exposing his work. I was offered a glass of Prosecco and a guided tour by the lady who was there. I wonder if she thought I was a serious buyer. I fell a bit guilty, but I accepted the Prosecco and the tour anyway.

I was looking for a new painting to upload, wondering if I should upload one of his many paintings of femmes fatales. I settled for a man drinking spirits (whiskey?). I guess a femme fatale would have been too obvious. I thought this one had the right look for the blog. The man does look like a crime fiction character, maybe a mobster. I extensively wrote about what Perez's work remind me: old pulp fiction. I am not going to re-blog it. I just thought that the painting would bring some colours and character to this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it looks like he is drinking whiskey, and the painting is so realistic I can almost smell the alcohol, that odour that clings to the air in bars, and pubs.