Saturday, 28 April 2012

Halloween in April?

I was out today to buy the bare necessities of life, as the temperature was relatively calm. It will get back to it's normal Dommsday self tomorrow. I stopped quickly at Clinton Cards and found... Halloween chocolates from Thorton's (Jack O'Lanterns in chocolate). They were dramatically reduced, so I bought some. It does feel a lot like Halloween anyway these days, what with the temperature and all. And we are half a year away from it. It might seem like this is totally out of season, but there is a sort of Halloween day coming: Walpurgis Night, which is in the night between April and May. It is the springtime's equivalent of Halloween: marking the passage of one season to another. It is lesser known and less celebrated, but for those who miss the spooky season, they might want to do a little something to celebrate it.

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Anonymous said...

Now I am in the mood for pie, steaming coffee and obviously chocolate! Great bargain...will they last until Halloween though?:-)