Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nulla dies sine linea

"Nulla dies sine linea" (No day without a line). This is a line attributed to Apelles. I first read it on a bookmark that I got from Les Bouquinistes, the bookshop in Chicoutimi (and for a long time my favourite bookshop). I loved it. It should be understood as an injunction to get something done during the day. But I think it works perfectly for a reader or any kind of writer. Including a blogger. I try to read a page or two of a real book, I also try to blog at least twice a day, one French post and one English post.

It was easier when I was unemployed, obviously I had more time. But quality was not always there. I look at my posts in 2008 and I think they were redundant or utterly uninspired. Still, when I have less time, I think it matters that I produce something and at least do some writing, exercise my brain a bit. Sure, it's not like I am writing Ulysses, but still. It matters that I muse a bit every day, that I exercise some kind of creativity, some writing discipline too, that I get read as well. So this could be the motto of this blog.


Cynthia said...

On dirait que le moins qu'on en fait, le moins on est capable d'en faire. Alors que j'étais sans emploi et sans papiers je n'écrivais pas beaucoup et maintenant que je bosse et que je suis très souvent fatiguée le soir je me force pour écrire encore un petit peu!

Anonymous said...

Such a thought provoking post. To be a writer is to write. Some told me that if a shark doesnt keep swimming it dies. It is advice worth keeping for the days that inspiration goes missing in action:-)