Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter, snow and a great unknown line

Recently at work, we were chatting about the upcoming snowy winter which hitted the north of the country but has spared us here... so far. One of my colleagues, an English guy, was complaining about how pathetic this country is when snow falls. "One drop of snow, did he say, and everything stops, England gets paralysed. People don't seem to understand that at some point during winter, it is going to snow! It does not happen in Germany or France!" And then another colleague, a Frenchman, said this immortal line:

"Yes, in France we don't need snow to get the country paralysed."

That caused a riot of laughters.


PJ said...

Ah, l'humour français est parfois cinglant comme pas d'autres. Finalement, on a eu un petit peu de neige ici au lieu du verglas. Tant que tu n'as pas à conduire ou à pelleter, c'est toujours charmant de la neige. En tout cas, plus que du verglas.

suzanne said...

Great line! And easily adaptable to other countries. I must remember that one. :D

Guillaume said...

@PJ-Oui, je me réconcilie avec l'humour français.
@Halloween Spirit-I wish I had come up with that one.