Thursday, 18 November 2010

Next: learning Italian?

I have been thinking about this recent post on how to find intellectual challenges. Ok so now I am doing something artistic, which is good, but I discovered that I want more intellectual stimulation. I have been deprived of them since my Liverpool year I think and I now I feel like a junkie (a culture junkie?) who needs his fix after a long period of sobriety.

So I thought about it, and I think that I should get my head into it at last and try to learn Italian seriously. I am a bit frustrated of having a good accent but being unable to communicate properly. I often feel that I missed an opportunity of learning it when I spent my first year here with Italians. Knowing a third language would be a precious asset for my career. And I also love Italian culture.

I would rather learn by immersion, and that means travelling in Italy, which I cannot do for the time being. And I am busy enough as it is to start taking Italian classes. So I try to speak the little Italian I know with the few Italian colleagues I have who are patient enough with me to teach me a thing or two, during lunchtime, mainly sentences that can be useful. I would still be unable to have a conversation in the language, but that is a start. I want to get back into it.


PJ said...

Vas-y mon gars, une troisième langue, ça vaut la peine. J'ai toujours regretté ne jamais avoir pris le temps d'en apprendre une. re

Mozart's Girl said...

Guillaume, caro...

I spent 6 years learning Italian at evening class. I just love it! I wouldn't say I'm fluent at all, but it's such a joy. Still, you do need time - and I'm already in awe of your fluent English. That would be enough for me...keep the dream though, one day it will happen I'm sure! Happy Friday to you xo Rachel

Guillaume said...

@PJ-Il faudrait que je m'y mette, mais c'est de trouver le temps et la manière. L'idée de suivre des cours m'ennuie beaucoup, je préfère et de loin l'immersion.
@Mozart's Girl-Grazie tante.