Tuesday 9 November 2010

Finding intellectual challenges

More things are happening in Manchester in the near future, I learnt from the Anthony Burgess Foundation. I feel the need to travel there these days more and more, and do my pilgrimage, and/or my Odyssey. I miss this a lot. Not travelling to be a tourist, but going to some event like this, a lecture or a seminar, where I can use my brain: thinking, rambling on something useless yet fascinating (art, literature, etc.). I do acting (next class tomorrow! I cannot wait!), which I think is triggered by the same longing.

I like my job enough, even when I find it difficult. It is a good working environment, I have good colleagues, it pays the bills, etc. I cannot complain about it. But it is not exactly an intellectually challenging job. I didn't have one like this since my time in Liverpool (which is partially why I have such affection for this city). And I miss this aspect of it a lot. I blogged about this almost at the exact same time last year. I miss teaching, studying and debating about literature. A man (or a woman) is what he does. With the acting, I can be, at least to a degree, an artist. I also miss being an intellectual. And I wonder what to do to be an intellectual again.

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PJ said...

Pour être un intello? Si tu veux, je pourrais t'acheter une pelle comme cadeau de Noël, il ne te manquerait plus qu'à trouver des nuages... :p