Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting out of the cave

This Wednesday, I have no acting class exceptionally, but my partners and I have decided to rehearse The Marriage Proposal anyway this Tuesday. So straight after work tomorrow, I do not rest my feet at home but get on the earliest bus to the nearby town, where we will meet and where I am going to read my lines and try to find my character, hopefully at some point I will eat a sandwich and maybe even relax.

That said, I am not complaining. I know I will be tired, but I know it does good to me. I need time out of the house, I also need time thinking about something else than work. It is always dangerous to get into a clockwork type of life, whether you are employed or not, and to become some kind of urban troglodyte. It has a lot to do about getting a sort of social life, but not only that. Back in 2008, when I was unemployed, I saw barely anything else than the walls of this flat. I used to go to the local pub just to hear a human voice that was not my own. But I also wanted to get out, purely and simply. I can easily live like a monk or an hermit when I need to. Loneliness has its good sides: I used to blog much more when I was alone here all day. I think writers have to learn to be alone and reclusive. But after a while one gets claustrophobic and it is never good to remain reclusive. I need to be out of here and see things and people, feel their presence around me. 


PJ said...

C'est parfois un peu zombi que l'on joue le mieux. Remarque, ça dépend du rôle, mais c'est bon pour le piano en tout cas.

Gwen Buchanan said...

You say a lot of things I think about.. as we are self employed and work in the same place as we live.. there surely comes a time to get out of the house even if we love it.. to hear another's words is definitely needed... a little socializing can help us appreciate much..

Guillaume said...

@PJ-C'est vrai des acteurs aussi.
@Gwen-Great minds think alike! I think I spent so much time in here when I was unemployed that I just need to get out.