Tuesday, 16 November 2010

English Fog

There are days like this when I wish I had a camera on me and when I wish I did not have to go to work. Not because my working day was supposed to be bad, indeed I had a good but uneventful day at work. I wished I had stayed home as it was very foggy today. And I find fog beautiful, especially in this country. There is no fog that is quite like the English fog. The outside world take lovely eerie, ghostly appearance. Fog in general is atmospheric, but English fog is moreso. I don't mind commuting in the fog, I actually love it. It turns a boring everyday routine into quite an aesthetic experience.

Anyway, the fog it grew thicker as the day went by, before evening came it was magnificent, like cloak of blurry whiteness. I glanced at the window from time to time, wishing I was outside, or wishing I could have stayed at home, enjoyed some tea and just watching the outside world. Or maybe in a pub with a nice pint of real ale and some hearty food. And a camera to take a few snapshots. I love atmospheric weather, but I prefer when I can fully appreciate it. Well, at least it was foggy.

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suzanne said...

I love the fog as well. Unfortunately, on my one visit to England, it was sunny and hot the entire time. Perhaps one day . . . :/