Saturday, 20 November 2010

A duet from Don Giovanni

I want more music on this blog and since this post I think I might colour Vraie Fiction with more Italian. This is maybe Mozart's most famous duet, from my favourite opera (of course I mean the immortal Don Giovanni). When I was studying opera with Claudiiiiine, she gave me lots and lots of material from Mozart, because I had asked her (at my mother's request) and because I think there was a lot of great music for baritone.La ci darem la mano was among it. It is the only duet I ever sang, once or twice with a student of hers, but most of the time with her. Even if it was just during class, singing such a duet with a professional soprano was really fun. Sadly, I never had time to master it enough to sing it in public. It is interpreted here by Samuel Ramey and Dawn Upshaw.

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Mozart's Girl said...

Guillaume, I expect you knew that the words Don Giovanni & Mozart would attract me to this post like bees to a honeypot! So no surprises there...but I adore the Don too (of course) & this aria is supreme. My own favourite from the opera is 'Batti batti, o bel Masetto' because it's so human, real & sexy. Just gorgeous. Did you ever see the Losey film? If not I would really recommend it on DVD, it's amazing. Ruggiero Raimundi is superb as Giovanni but the whole thing is wonderful. Great post! Have a good weekend!