Sunday 23 May 2010

An hedonistic life

I don't know why, maybe it is because we are having lovely days here, with hot and sunny weather, maybe because I can now be carefully optimistic on the employment front, which makes the upcoming end of my current employment less stressful, but I am having a really nice weekend. I almost feel like on holidays, for the first time in years. Forget about what I said yesterday,this Saturday proved that I can appreciate a sunny day without a swimming pool (although with one I would appreciate it better). Which makes me an inconsistent blogger, I guess, and just as much as a philistine, as I still quoted Melville on such a trivial topic.

But anyway, I take pleasure in life this weekend. We had a very Greek Saturday my wife and I, or at least a very Greek dinner, as we made spanakopita. We had it with white wine, which makes it taste even better. And during the day I had beer, not enough to be tipsy, but plenty enough to appreciate the day, which was not so unbearably hot as to make it awful. Today I woke up without hangover or headache. So I am following the principles of hedonism: taking pleasure and maintaining myself in a state of pleasure. Often, I enjoy life as an Italian, but today I am a Greek. Tonight we might eat in a French restaurant, so I might be a French hedonist, which is a rare thing for me.

A little disclaimer before the end of this post: I don't particularly agree with hedonism as a philosphy. There will be plenty of occasions to follow stoicism, I might as well be an hedonist when I can.

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This made me laugh.