Thursday 27 May 2010

Last day at work

Today was my last day at the school I was working. I will have to come back tomorrow to get my farewell gift. But the work is definitely over, done and dealt with. I have to say I do feel a bit sad about it. It will be, again, a bittersweet farewell. I never felt like an outcast there, unlike the other school where I worked. It is true that people treated me decently and not like a pariah. In my previous job, I felt ostracised by most of my colleagues, so even though some appreciated me, I ended up frustrated, sometimes downright angry and with a longing to roar at the slightest disagreement. I regretted I never gave it as good as I got from them. Maybe I should have had.

Not with the job I just lost. People were nice, they were chatty at lunchtime and break time, many of them were actually intelligent and I even got to admire some. I also found nobody to have a grudge against me. Sure, I was underpaid and the work was sometimes boring and below my skills. But it was at least an harmonious environment.

So yes, now I have to find something else. I can be fairly optimistic on that side, I might not feel the same if nothing comes up soon, but I am not too anxious for the moment. My farewell will be (was?) a sober one.


Mozart's Girl said...

Hi Guillaume - sorry to hear about your job. Hoping and praying for you to find something good very soon. Anyone who doesn't appreciate you must be completely mad. Wishing you a wonderful peaceful weekend! Listen to some Wolfie!! with love, Rachel x

suzanne said...

I have found that the environment in which you work and the people who surround you everyday have a far greater impact on job satisfaction than either money or skills required. Good luck in your renewed job search :)

Guillaume said...

@Mozart's Girl-Thanks. I will definitely listen to some Mozart this weekend.
@halloween spirit-You are right. I've had some lousy jobs I liked simply because my colleagues were great people.