Sunday 2 May 2010

A black cat on the wall

My wife and I went to a French market yesterday. I love French markets, they allow me to stock myself with olives, pastries and other delicious things. We also found other things, such as this poster (which you can see above), to decorate the bare walls of this flat. This was an old advertisement poster from a once famous cabaret in Paris, now the poster is probably more famous than the place (which still exists).

Having this picture is probably a bit of cliché for cat lovers and therefore I am sure I utterly lack originality here. I guess getting was just a question of time. But Veggie Carrie and I both love this poster, the colours are gorgeous, the cat looks real, stylised and adequately mysterious (love the staring yellow eyes on the black fur)and it's just nice to have something nice on the wall. More importantly, since I cannot have a real cat here, I might as well have another image of one. With Ruby, it will felinise the place. Still, I wish I could get a real one. I spend some time on the Cats Protection Society website, daydreaming about those we could adopt. One day, I hope.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I love this poster as well! The kitty reminds me of my own Coventina, with just a hint of mischief in those golden eyes. I think this is a splendid addition to your home! :o)