Friday, 28 May 2010

A farewell

I had my last day at work yesterday. That said, I got back there for an hour to say goodbye to everyone and get some presents my closest colleagues had bought for me. Some beers, among them my favourite, and two DVDs. I felt spoiled. Just as thoughtful and just as appropriate as a box of chocolate. Funny that they saw something else in me, not the sweet toothed guy, but the beer drinker. I enjoyed it there, in spite of a few difficults moments. What really made a difference is that I always felt that I was part of the team, even though I was only part-time and all. Anyway, I blogged about it before and now that period of my professional life is over. I spent the day not doing much, I thought I could give myself that luxury.

So what's next?


Correspondent said...

Cut loose, Guillaume! Enjoy a few more beers, you've earned it. Best wishes. Next time you're up in Liverpool, give me a heads up. I'll take you round town for a few more beers. Cheers!

Guillaume said...

Hey thanks! I will enjoy a few more beers for sure. I don't know about the next time I will be in Liverpool (not soon enough for my taste), but I will definitely let you know.