Saturday 1 May 2010

Overture to the Sun

Strangely, everything seems to be getting right weather-wise here, this year. We had a lovely first day of Spring, we have now a perfect first May day. So far, it is sunny, warm and lovely, lovely, lovely. I thought I would put a piece of music to celebrate May. This piece of music is from A Clockwork Orange (anybody surprised?), or at least I first heard it in the movie, just like anybody else I guess. It is from a short-lived band named Sunforest, from their one and only record. I blogged about another song of theirs before. They now have their whole record on Youtube, so I appreciated this morning the rest of Sunforest's work. To say that it's not really my cup of tea would be an understatement. It's pretty much lame psychedelic stuff. No wonder the band was forgotten quickly.

That said, the two tunes that made it into Kubrick's movie are great in their own way. The Lighthouse Keeper song is pretty much silly entertainment, Overture to the Sun is a nice little pastiche of Renaissance (or baroque?) music, perfectly atmospheric for a sunny day of May. I say this maybe because the character of the Minister of the Interior say something similar about Alex when he is reformed, "as decent a lad as you would meet on a May morning"... Then he gets him beaten, in front of an audience, with Overture to the Sun in the background. And I think I just discovered why I thought spontaneously about this music for May. Anyway, for those who cannot stand violence, you can see the scene parodied here, with teddy bears instead of actors. I have to admit, it works perfectly, and there is something Alexian about the white bear.

I put here the original, then the rearranged movie version. You tell me which one you prefer. I think the movie one is superior.

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Guillaume said...

Un commentaire d'un "anonyme" (mon père, je crois) sur le billet précédent et qui aurait dû se trouver ici:

"Dans le film de Kubrick, c'était le début de la musique fait au synthétiseur. Je pense qu'on peut la reconnaître. Pour l'autre je pense
qu'elle est faite sur instrument. Je me trompe?
Et puis la musique fait un peu médiévale, genre menuet. Elle a servi, je crois, pour une parade de mode d'un certain modèle!"

Et ma réponse:

En fait, la musique sur instrument était pour le film, car cette pièce-là, cotnrairement à la plupart des pièces dans le film, était à l'instrument. Kubrick a exigé des réarrangements pour son film. Et la musique a en effet servi à un certain modèle, habillée en ménestrel!