Thursday 6 May 2010

A great unknown line (from myself)

I am trying with this post to start a new series of posts based on one topic/theme (as I promised here). These posts will be about great lines that I have either heard or said and which I want to leave here to posterity, because I find them quite good (especially mines, as I am terribly vain). Granted, I am no Oscar Wilde, neither do I have his talent for aphorism, but I can sometimes be funny or witty.

So anyway, we were having a barbecue in Liverpool, in one of the few warm and sunny days we had that year. A friend of my housemate had brought a bottle of wine, which she dropped on the floor minutes after she arrived. It shattered, obviously. Then I said:

"I hope that was a cheap bottle."

It made people laugh.


PJ said...

Ah, il n'y a rien de plus maudissant que d'échapper la bouteille de vin à en arrivant à un party.

Anonymous said...


Guillaume said...

@PJ-Une horreur quand ça arrive... surtout si les réserves sont minces, ce qui heureusement n'était pas le cas (et puis un barbecue peut se passer de vin s'il y a de la bière).