Sunday 7 February 2010

Another page of gastronomic nostalgia

I get surprises like this sometimes. There is a section about food in a local monthly magazine and this month they were talking about Canadian gastronomy. Strange idea, if you think about it: Canada is a vast country and we eat very differently from an ocean to the other. Anyway, it is a small magazine so I should not expect profound articles in the food section. The writer was full of enthusiasm and used exclamation marks at almost every sentence. There were mentions of poutine, of tourtière and of sugar pies, our tarte au sucre, so I was happy and of course felt homesick. There were a few recipes, one of a sugar pie which strangely had raisins in it (a bad idea as it spoils the flavour) and one of the tourtière, which was expectedly inacurate (who, outside Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, ever gets it right? Even Montrealers are clueless about it). Fair enough, they did not mixed the thing with meat pies (that would have been the greatest insult), but they had mashed potatoes in it (?). For the real deal, see my sister-in-law's website. That said, with all its flaws, the informations in the magazine were still more acurate than some French restaurants. I could tell that there was still some research done, which I find commendable.

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