Wednesday 10 February 2010

Last day and Ferrero Rocher

Last Monday was my last day at the other school. I am glad it's over, as it was getting difficult, for a number of reasons. The headteacher was very nice with me, as usual, and my closest colleagues show how grateful they were by buying me a box of Ferrero Rocher and a bottle of Californian wine. Farewell were not very emotional, partially because leaving the job was a long, slow process and I (and they) had time to come to term with it. And well, I don't think many people among the staff will miss me. Thankfully, I will not miss them either. For the pupils, that might be different.

As for the good memories (because there are some), I have the Ferrero Rocher as a tribute to them. Lovely chocolates, which my senior colleagues bought because they "knew you (me) had a sweet tooth". I have already eaten half the box (it will be empty before Valentine's Day). It is funny how you end up getting known in some environments. In this school, on my best days, I was the sweet toothed employee who was staying thin no matter how much he could eat ("Worms" guessed a not so nice colleague). When I will have emptied the box, there will be the guaranteed left to read, in Italian. This is also somewhat fitting. And yes, I have to stretch meaning beyond plausibility, just like a movie I hate. In the end, it is just a chocolate box, that will be empty soon. And that's what left of that job.

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