Saturday 6 February 2010

Little things that make a happy Saturday

Life is rarely perfect, but you can have an almost perfect day, or at least a nice day for the most trivial reasons. Here are a few that are making this Saturday pleasant:

-It is warm (for February anyway) and sunny.
-A pumpkin/carrot coloured cat rub itself against me. I wish I could have adopted it (I guess I could, as it had no collar). There are lots of feral cats around here, taking one home would be the generous thing to do.
-There are new flavours of cream fudge at the local sweet shop. And it tastes even more like the sucre à la crème that I have back home.
-The shop owners of said sweet shop are starting to know me and are now so friendly and serviceable that being there is always so pleasant, no matter what I buy. Oh, and they make me taste things now, which is also quite pleasant.
-The cold is slowly but surely going.

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