Wednesday 17 February 2010

Nothing beats the classics

Saw a bit of the Brit Awards last night, with the wife. I am no big fan of these kind of ceremonies, so I watched it very distractedly. But I was pleased to see Dame Shirley Bassey there, giving the Brit for best female solo artist (to Lilly Allen), or whatever the category was called. It is always nice to see her. She is indeed a real dame, a real artist with a great voice and stage presence, she is nothing like the manufactured, standardised pop stars of today. I was lucky enough to see her "live" at the Golden Jubilee. Well, not quite live as I saw her on a big screen meant for the mob around Buckingham Palace, but it was still nice. You can see the performance here.

I am a staunch Republican, very much anti monarchist (I went to the Jubilee to be with friends, just so there is no ambiguity there), but I love British cultures and James Bond is maybe the most iconic British character since Sherlock Holmes. Goldfinger is a monument of a song from the golden age of the Bond movies. It is also a great popular song. I suspect that, like me, the Queen preferred Shirley Bassey to the other younger artists that were performing that night (except maybe Macca). Goldfinger has the accent If it is the case, we would be sharing one more thing than a birthday. Anyway, I put here her performance of the classic song. Because nothing beats the classics.

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