Thursday 18 February 2010

Fiction fix

Not much is need for a day to be good or bad. For some unknown reason, or maybe for no reason at all, I did not feel good yesterday, the day was long, long, long and melancholia kicked in from the moment I was up. Weird, it was sunny and I was on holidays, in the middle of mid-term week. Yet I did not feel right.

Now today I am feeling better, even though it rained all day. I discovered in the afternoon that the postman dropped seasons 2 and 3 of The Wire. It puts the whole day in a different perspective. I have been missing watching The Wire since last year. Now I will have a few months until I need another fix. Because that's how I feel about the TV series: it is a drug based on a balanced mix of fiction and reality. My wife has Lost. I have The Wire.


suzanne said...

Good television can improve almost any day ;)

More importantly, does your wife have any theories about Jacob or the Man in Black? :D

Guillaume said...

You need to ask my wife about that yourself. I might convince her to blog again and she might even blog one day about Lost.