Sunday 9 January 2022

Mozarting to fight melancholy

Well, when Christmas is over and January feels dreary, like it is now, I feel like it's time to bring more Mozart in my life. Okay, okay, I listen to him any time of the year anyway, but I find it a perfect remedy for melancholy. And I am terribly melancholic any time of year. Another way to find melancholy is a good dose of chocolates. And, luckily enough, the local sweet shop sells Mozartkugels. So I buy myself a box and I eat them listening to some of his operas. I call this Mozarting. My last box dated from November, so I need a new one. Mozartkugelns are not cheap, but the shopkeeper always gives me a reduce price on them. But anyway, I cannot write a post about Mozart withoutsharing a bit of his music, so here is an (abriedged) duet from The Magic Flute, sung by Golda Schultz (my favourite soprano at the moment) and Markus Werba, playing Pamina and Papageno, respectively.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

There is one German import store here in Edmonton which carries those chocolates. I've never bought any, both because they're quite expensive and because frankly I don't need more calories. I love "The Magic Flute" too!