Sunday, 14 November 2021

Veneziana Pizza

Last week for my wife's birthday, we went to Pizza Express. It is a sort of almost acidental tradition for her birthday: we often end up there, even when we don't plan it. But Pizza Express is always reliable: it serves good food at decent price, Wolfie is sure to enjoy it and we are never disappointed in the meal. It is especially true for me, as I always go for the Veneziana, so I know exactly what I am going to have. It has black olives, capers, red onions and 25p is given to the Venice In Peril fund. So I feel like I do my good deed of the day every time I go there and order it. And my wife is happy because it means that I eat vegetarian.


Kay G. said...

We discovered Pizza Express in London, there is one close to the British Museum. They have a gluten free pizza which made my celiac husband very happy. Your pizza looks great!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmm, that pizza does look good!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

yum! that looks good!