Thursday, 18 November 2021

Preparing clothes for winter

Winter is coming: it is much cold outside, especially in the morning and at night.In fact, as far as England is concerned, since temperatures in this country don't change as much compared to mine, we can say that winter is practically here. It will probably get colder, but not by much. So I have now prepared my clothes for winter. Not autumn, but winter. English winter, that is. I got my winter boots out. I also bought new Thinsulate gloves at Mountain Warehouse and one new Thinsulate wolly hat (forest green, my wife hates it, but Wolfie wants to wear it too as he loves green), as well as more thick socks. Because I always end up short of thick socks as I use them a lot in winter. I think I'm now fully prepared. There is not many things I like more about winter than winter clothes.I love how heavy and comfy they feel.