Saturday 2 September 2017

Harvest season

I know it is the second post in a short period of time where I blog about autumn and harvest, but be warned: I intend to turn this blog into a celebration of all things autumnal for the next few weeks, because it is my favourite season. So anyway, I took this picture in Cardiff Castle and had wanted to share it since then, because it represents harvest so well. I miss picking apples and I have been wanting to do it again for a long time. Now that would be with Wolfie, which would quadruple the fun at least. Apples are the emblematic fruits of autumn and I love them, whether I eat them raw or in a dessert (but I am not a fan of apple pies ironically enough), or even as part of a main meal. But all fruits and vegs are enjoyable to harvest. It is the ritual that is fun, calming and which I miss terribly.

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