Friday 29 September 2017

Black Wych

Halloween is coming and that means drinking spooky stuff. More often than none, the beer lover that I am enjoy products from the Wychwood Brewery. Last weekend, I revisited for the first time in about fifteen years the Black Wych. And last time I drank it, I did not appreciate it much, because I was already seriously wasted. Now being older and (somewhat) wiser, I could truly enjoy it. I seldom drink porters, I am more into brown ales than black ones, but this one is quite good. Witches being one of the important characters of Halloween folklore, I will try to drink more of this one. One last observation: the witch on the label is not an ugly old hag but a young and sexy sorceress. This is a rare coming from Wychwood: most of their characters, like the Hobgoblin, are ugly critters. Don't know why, but I find this detail quite interesting.

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Éros et Thanatos.