Sunday 17 September 2017

Sticky toffee pudding craze

Last Sunday, we went with my family to a local pub, which I mentioned in this post. For dessert, I had a sticky toffee pudding, pictured here, a British classic. You can also have it with custard. My parents, who were already full from the roast and thus not having dessert, got really enthusiastic about it. They had a little bite and found it delicious. Of course they insisted that Wolfie should have a few bites and now he loves it (better check his sugar intakes when they're around). They are traveling in the Lake District at the moment and I have now learned that they and my brother PJ had sticky toffee pudding again. And again. They literally turned into sticky toffee pudding aficionados.

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PJ said...

La guerre de food porn est déclarée.