Saturday 30 September 2017

The sticky toffee pudding obsession

I blogged two week ago about my parents' sudden interest in this British classic dessert that is the sticky toffee pudding. I mocked them a bit about it. Well, maybe I should not have. We went to Pizza Express recently and they had their own version of the dessert, called "Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake". So they imply it is a variant of two desserts, or a hybrid. But basically, as you can easily see on the picture, it is the same pudding. And yes, I felt that I had to try it. A sticky toffee pudding. In a pizzeria. For sociological purposes of course: I wanted to blog about it. And yes, my verdict is simple: it IS a toffee pudding.

And it was a good one too, albeit a tad small. I expect my puddings to be bigger and thus more filling. There is no point counting after calories when you eat that sort of dessert and you don't expect very subtle flavours: it tastes of caramel, of dates a bit (if there are any), of fatty, creamy stuff, you need to feel like you are receiving a sugar overload and utterly contented. I still think the best place to eat one is in a pub. So this is what I will do next time I eat in a pub. And I know, I have developed the same obsession as my family. Which is good, as I expect there will be some on the menu when we go home at Christmas.

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