Wednesday 13 September 2017

First sign of Halloween

I saw these bags of sweets, with the orange and black and critters that give away the holiday they relate to last Sunday at the local Marks & Spencer. I was disappointed to see one so relatively late: sometimes I could see things as early as August, but I will not complain. Halloween is on its way and I am on a very spooky mood. I did not buy any because I don't like these sorts of sweets and we have plenty of sugary stuff here, but I took a picture for the blog.


Rain said...

As soon as the temperatures drop to minus 10 at night...I'm all about Halloween! :) Alex and I always remind each other how much chocolate we go through in the month of's crazy lol...but I love to decorate and I go a little crazy...last year I did FIVE pumpkins! I don't know how I'll beat that this year! :)

Guillaume said...

I'm all about Halloween from the middle of August at the latest. And five pumpkins? I usually carve three and my wife finds me extravagant.

PJ said...

J'ai vu une annonce à Penrith et une annonce à Keswick, plus une paire de parents avec un enfant mentionner l'Halloween. Mais les annonces pour les spéciaux de Noël pullulent partout.