Thursday 7 September 2017

Preparing Wolfie's first birthday

It will soon be Wolfie's first birthday. I do not want to repeat an old cliché, but it did go quickly. Anyway, as it is a very special, very important birthday, we want to make it special: there are loads of presents for him that we need to wrap up. There will be a rather important contingent of both sides of the family with him: all his grandparents and his uncle PJ. We still have not decided whether we want to spend the day at home or go elsewhere (to a farm or something). Anyway, if someone among you has any suggestions, please write it in the comments.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

it might be a cliche but this year did fly by! can't wait to hear about the celebration!

Anonymous said...

We had our only childs first birthday at our home, we had a lot of family and friends stop by and greet our little munchin..It would not have been practical to celebrate at a farm or restaurant as many worked the day..Instead I made a feast and many came when they got off of their work, they ate a nice meal and I did give them some turkey and the fixins to take home and they really enjoyed the whole shebang our only loved to dive into her cake in her highchair and she was so happy, I still remember it indeedy..Congratulations to your son and to you both, time will really fly now that he is nearing one years old, enjoy and take loads of photos and relax!

Magic Love Crow said...

So special! The year has flown by! You are right!