Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Defence Super Smoothie from Innoccent

I don't think I plugged a meal, food or drink since my post about Sugar Moon Brownies. A shame, as it is a tradition on this blog to celebrate the weekend. Now today I will plug something far less original, as it is from a well known company, but it is neat little discovery all the same. I am talking about Innocent's Defence Super Smoothie. I found it at random on my train journey to London then Paris in May. I bought and drank one today. Okay so it tastes like an Innocent smoothie. Allegedly, it strengthens your immune system, but I am very skeptical about this claim. Heck, I am skeptical about the claim that it has two portion of fruits in a smoothie. But it has pumpkin in it. Not that much, but still, enough to taste a hint of pumpkin. And somehow, this reminds me of autumn and Halloween (yes, it does not take me much to associate something to a special time or a special day). So I think I might make it my autumn fruit drink of choice. I am silly like that. In any case, it is drinkable and the bottle and presentation is quirky like for all Innocent products, by itself marking the purchase worth it.


Nellie said...

Don't tell me I missed a blog about those delectable brownies Rachel Lucas makes! I will have to do some research now to see what you thought about them.

Guillaume said...

Oh they are delicious!