Monday, 25 August 2014

The Detective Tales cover for August

Well, August is almost over, and I thought it was time for me to carry on the tradition of downloading a cover from Detective Tales and commenting on it. This one is from August 1939. You see the hero, dashing in his evening suit, very elegant, and his blonde, red wearing partner, trying to save a damsel in distress from being buried in coal. The villain, a massive, thuggish looking bald goon, is about to club the blonde with a wrench. So you have two damsels in distress for one cover, although only one may be aware of her status. But with her haggard gaze, I think she may have been drugged, or is in shock. In a classic pose, the hero is shooting at an unknown party out of the frame. I love this cover because the rough environment and the look of enemy is in sharp contrast with the elegance of both the hero and the heroine. So here it is anyway.

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