Friday, 8 August 2014

World Cat Day

I was wondering recently in a French post what are the things to celebrate in August. I have a few personal things to celebrate, but I mean something official and celebrated by many people. And my wife told me that today is World Cat Day.So happy World Cat Day everyone.
 I will celebrate by going on a cat walk (as soon as it stops raining). And in the meantime I will remember the one feline overlord that came in our life over a year ago, Odin. He started spending more and more time with us in August, including full nights in this flat. In fact, it is in August I think where he decided to settle in with us. As you can see on this picture, he quickly took his ease and took over. But this home is not the same without him. So it is a bittersweet World Cat Day for me. As it often is when I think of and spend time with cats, until I find a new one to share our existence with.


Nellie said...

What a wonderful idea for a special day - World Cat Day! There is nothing like a cat to make you feel loved! I miss our Shadow, just as you miss your cat.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy World Cat Day everyone! But cats merely sniff and say disdainfully "surely EVERY day is World Cat Day, is it not?"

Gwen Buchanan said...

Do you think you might get a little black kitten you name in honour of Odin?

Guillaume said...

@Nellie-There is just something about black cats.
@Debra-They sure don't care what their servants think.
@Gwen-I think I will one day have a cat again, most likely a black one, but I will not call him Odin. Every cat is unique, and I had named Odin due to various reasons. The next cat I have will be named according to his or her personality. I thought of a number of names: Morgana, Vesper or Artemis if it is a female, Faust, Mephisto or Loki if it's a male, but it might be something completely different.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Guillaume, my oldest son had a little dog that he called Loki.. it suited him perfectly.. Loved that little dog!