Tuesday 2 April 2013

Smoke and fire

Today at work, near the end of the day, we smelled smoke. Then we saw it from the window, a fairly thick smoke going around in the It was so overpowering we could smell it from the inside, and wondered for a second if the building was not burning somewhere. But we finally saw that it was a bonfire in a nearby back garden. I could smell it on the way to the train station. Later on, back on my way home, I could smell bonfires again. Maybe it was self-suggestion. I love smelling the smoke of a fire, especially on a cold day like it was today. We are having a very chilling spring, April so far seems to be almost like autumn, dry, crisp and oh so very cold. Of course this bonfire was lit for some use, some boring, trivial use, but it really fit the day, gave it some texture, if that makes any sense.

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