Saturday 20 April 2013

Pseudo Italian pasta and sausages

This picture at the top left was taken at Felicini in Manchester, an Italian restaurant which was recommended to me by one of the people of the ABF. It was my meal, penne pasta in a sausages and olives sauce. Buried in Parmesan, as you can see, I always bury pasta with cheese, unless it is macaroni and cheese, in which case I just have it like that. Before I go further, I wanted to quickly plug Felicini: they were professional and very efficient, serving me within and hour because I had to see a play. And the meal was delicious. It was quite nice and it inspired me to cook my own variation of this dish, which I did last weekend.

You can see the picture of said dish at the bottom right. I used British sausages, heavily garlic flavored.I bought them in a local artisanal food shop. The owner gave me a few advices about making the sauce: no more garlic as the sausages already had plenty, and a bit of balsamic vinegar. I cut the sausages in small bits, fried them, then added a tin of tomatoes. I added a tea spoon of sugar to get rid of the acidity of the tomatoes and poured a generous drop of balsamic vinegar. No olives, no onions or anything like this. Only tomatoes, sausages and of course the Parmesan on top of it all. I drank a Sicilian red wine with it. It was not authentic Italian gastronomy, but it was fairly close.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Alright, I haven't had breakfast yet and this looks and sounds delicious. I have to try it. Yumm.

Guillaume said...

Oh do try, it was really delicious, I was surprised of the result actually.