Monday 1 April 2013

Irish stew and Italian Chianti

Yesterday, I went to the local Irish pub in the day. It was a cold day. To celebrate Easter I ordered an Irish stew with a glass of Chianti wine. They were serving Irish stew especially for Easter. It came with a mash on the side. I thought I would take a picture of the Irish stew, which you can see at your left. It was a lovely presentation, simple, even rustic one. Now this is what I call the perfect food and drink for the perfect day. It was hearty and filling and the red wine worked so well with the lamb in the stew. Even though I am not sure the Chianti was really meant to go with this particular meat, but hey I am a Philistine when it comes to wine culture, beyond red wine with red meat, I don't really know what goes with what. It was fitting for another reason: lamb is the traditional food for Easter and to drink what more appropriate than red wine? It has some Eucharistic overtones (I know, ironic that a Godless man says this). And both Ireland and Italy are Catholic countries. I once said that I was a cultural Catholic. Maybe I am more of a gastronomical one. In any case, the mix of Irish stew and Italian Chianti was a great one. I asked the landlady the recipe, but as it was a family secret I didn't get it. Oh well. At least I tasted it. I am not an expert, but it is still the best Irish stew I ever tasted.

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