Tuesday 30 April 2013

Walpurgis Night

This picture was taken from an image in Dracula's Castle. It represents Samuel Unimportant, a.ka. the Happy Undertaker, whom I blogged about here, turned into a... a sort of... a kind of mix between a werewolf and a demon. The name given in the book is a, or actually the, Funereal Fiend. Here is a description of the metamorphosis: "His eyes have begun to bulge, his ears extend and sharpen into points. Fangs are growing in place of the neat little pearly teeth he displayed only moments ago. Claws burst forth from his hands. His skin turns purple and his shirt rips apart to reveal a gold medallion. He throws back his head and howls like a wolf." So far, so werewolf. And the description continues: "Mr Unimportant, brutally transformed, is jumping up and down on the spot, guttural sounds emerging from his throat. His shoes burst apart to reveal huge, taloned, bright green feet. He howls again, in agony this time, as his head splits open to allow the emergence of a huge, knotted and slowly pulsating amber brain."Kill!" he chants. "Kill! Kill! Kill!"" People can help me find references to horror movies or stories in this description. I am sure the medallion means something, I have no idea what. But in any case, isn't it a very gripping, horrifying transformation scene, especially from a character that first appeared as comical?

I uploaded this picture for two reasons: 1)for the cheer pleasure of uploading a picture from the book and to quote the lovely, vivid description, that has been haunting me since childhood. and 2)it is tonight Walpurgis Night. Which is the lesser known sister of Halloween, its Springtime equivalent. Walpurgis Night has been featured in various works of fiction, including Dracula's Guest. And since Dracula's Castle is well, based on Dracula, and furthermore since a wolf is features in Dracula's Guest it is a good enough excuse to upload it on Vraie Fiction. For more about Walpurgis Night, you can read my blog post from last year. For my fellow bloggers into spooky things, remember that tonight you have something to celebrate until Halloween is near. Maybe it is confirmation bias, but I found the recent weather to be fittingly autumnal.

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