Saturday 6 April 2013

First outside read

Today, for a change, after weeks and in fact months of Siberian temperatures, it was finally borderline warm. It not only looked like, but actually felt like Spring. I know April is treacherous, so it will not last long, but at least it was warm enough and people could actually enjoy being outside. I did: for the first time of the year I could read outside. I did not do this for very long, but I read a few pages of The Sweet Forever. It is always good to rediscover George Pelecanos, and this book will almost make me nostalgic of the 80s. Almost. In any case, it reminded me of the many afternoons I spent reading in the back garden as a child, when the snow was still melting and the trees had not completely blossomed. There is just something about the first outside read of the year.

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