Monday 29 April 2013

A taste of Mozart

First, a word about the picture: forgive me for the poor quality, it was taken with my mobile phone. Okay so I am blogging a good deal about Mozart these days. But circumstances brought me to blog about it again. I blogged before about Mozartkugeln, the chocolate coated marzipan which I first discovered in Salzburg, the year of Mozart's 200th death anniversary. Well, you can now find them in the local sweet shop, which changed owners at some time early this year. I say this and according to the Wikipedia entry what they sell is an imitation. But I don't know if I ate imitations or the original ones when I was in Austria twenty-two years ago. They don't sell them in boxes, only individually, and they are not exactly cheap, but I can buy a few once in a while, when I am in the mood for the taste of chocolate and marzipan or for a bit of nostalgia: visiting Austria is one of my favorite memories.

I ate them listening to Mozart, which was pure bliss. Probably because of the music more than the chocolate, but it is a lovely mix all the same. I have decided to upload here to accompany to accompany this post another aria from Don Giovanni. This one. Sung by José Van Dam. I did not see Don Giovanni in Austria, but I did hear plenty of arias from it, including Madamina.

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Rachel - Mozart's Girl said...

Hi Guillaume! These aren't imitations...the Mozartkugeln wrapped in gold are available all over the world. But there are some special ones you can only buy in Salzburg...they are wrapped in silver, with blue portrait & labelling. So those are the authentic Austrian ones. But they are ALL delicious, and beloved Wolfgang is the perfect accompaniment to everything, yes? Have a great week!