Saturday 27 April 2013

Achilles' Heel

This is a completely trivial post, about something that is of no importance whatsoever in the great scheme of things, yet it is one of those little nothings that makes life. Short story short: I have been wearing my shoes for a few weeks now and it hurt my left heel. In fact it is wounded, a cut on it that, because I need to walk daily and to use my shoes daily, would not heal. My heel would not heal. This is a ridiculously lame word play that came to my mind and that I shamelessly had to put here. To make this post and my predicament less trivial, it reminds me also of Achilles' heel. I am into Greek mythology, so it came to my mind immediately when I saw the wound. Except I haven't died of it. Yet.

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PJ said...

Primo, il faut pas acheter des souliers qui font mal. Même s'ils "cassent" après un certain temps, c'est très dur pour les pieds. Deuxio, quand tu t'achètes des souliers qui font mal, t'es forcé d'alterner avec tes vieux souliers un certain temps pour ne pas trop souffrir. La morale de cette histoire: si le talon n'est pas confortable à l'achat, essaye une autre paire de chaussures avant de passer à la caisse.