Sunday 14 April 2013

Attack of the Komodo dragon

Yesterday, I was blogging about James Bond. Today, I read a piece of news that reminded me of a scene in Skyfall: a 83 years old woman was attacked by a Komodo dragon. And she survived. In Skyfall, I thought the scene when the Komodo dragon attacks the badguy was a bit far-fetched: until recently, well until I read the story today, I thought they were basically bigger, scarier iguanas. One can get things wrong. In fact, Komodo dragons may not be as famous as crocodiles or alligators, but they are nasty hunters capable of aggressive behavior towards humans. They are pretty much carnivorous dinosaurs walking on earth. As a child, my brothers had some interest in them, we even thought that there were some Komodo dragons living in the wild not too far from home. This is a story I might tell in another blog post. Until then, what I read about them today renewed my interest in the reptile.

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