Saturday 20 April 2013

Greying hair and some kind of solace

Two things that may seem unrelated, yet in a way they are: I had my haircut today and it will be my birthday tomorrow. I notice again my greying temples. They look more grey if I have short hair, I think. Maybe I am wrong. But anyway, I found something to cheer me up about it, in case I would turn too gloomy. A friend of mine, same generation as me, already balding, told me on Facebook: ''I don't have this problem anymore''. So at least I've got hair. They are just greying. So this is some kind of consolation.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

THAT'S lookin' on the bright side, buddy! Hey, you and Queen Elizabeth have the same birthday. Fitting for an anglophile, eh?

Mantan Calaveras said...

Have you ever read any of the books in the Neanderthal Parallax series?

I like that in the universe where Neanderthals became the dominant hominids on their version of Earth, they consider greying hair to be a sign of wisdom, and thus an attractive physical trait. This is supposedly because the neanderthals remained hunter gatherers, a lifestyle which values aggregated experience, as opposed to an agricultural lifestyle which thrives on large amounts of offspring and raw youthful power.

Françoise said...

I grew this streak of white hair somewhere between my early 20s and now. It is my wisdom, my life experience. I don't feel my age, but I am reminded, with each individual hair, that I know a little bit more now than back then. Wear them proudly!

Guillaume said...

@Debra-Not so fitting for a republican though;-) But thanks for the kind words.
@Mantan-Wisdom! That's the word. Incidentally, my favorite food shop here is called... Gather & Hunt!
@Françoise-Thank you, I will try.

Cynthia said...

I'm starting to think about dying my hair, I'm under 30 but I'm growing gray hair like crazy!