Sunday 11 March 2012

Springtime blossoms and miseries

Today is sunny, warm, so warm in fact that I can take out a few layers of clothes (I mean I could and did before, but today it is an imperative) and I can actually open the windows all day. So springtime looks like it is here at last. Yes, I know I need to beware of March. But I can see the trees blossoming and this means spring is here, at least officiously.

But I have now a cold. I could see it coming yesterday, growing in me, my throat starting to feel sore and my nose sniffy, but today I feel it fully grown. Nothing unbearable or even nasty, just a cold, a small springtime misery. I find colds more difficult to bear during spring and it seems that I get them mostly during that time. At least I don't have hay fever.

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Anonymous said...

Feel better soon Guillaume