Wednesday 21 March 2012

A walk home in the sunset

It was the Spring equinox yesterday, which means that it was the first official day of Spring (for me it starts with the month of March). So today, for the first time of the year, daytime was longer than nighttime. So I walked home not in the darkness, but in daylights from start to finish. It was still daylights when I arrived at the train station near my work and there was barely a sunset when I left the train. I don't like walking home in complete darkness, but neither do I enjoy walking home in broad daylights, don't ask me why. So I love these times around the equinoxes, whether it is spring equinox or autumn equinox, when you can feel seasons changing.


tao.owl said...

Walking at sunset or sunrise always puts me in a great mood.

Anonymous said...

Sunset, and dusk is my favourite time of the day. The subtle changes that place during the change of season are especially noticable at dawn and dusk. I don't see much of dawn, but a long walk at sunset is one of my favourite things.Although you prefer Autumn I hope that you enjoy the gifts that Spring brings too :-)