Thursday 8 March 2012

Penny Lane and an anecdote from Liverpool

I hope my readership don't mind that I upload a song that is not Irish music while Saint-Patrick's Day is coming (especially since Liverpool is maybe the most Irish city of England) and that it is from a band which I always had ambivalent feelings about (read this post about McCartney coming to Quebec City, it gives you some ideas what I can thing about the Fab Four as persons). That said, I do love some of their songs, and I love Liverpool. And I have almost an anecdote about Penny Lane, which might make for a blog. It used to be, it might still be, my favourite Beatles song.I am not sure why. It's not that smart a song (but then the Beatles were not exactly Pink Floyd in terms of content). Maybe for the atmosphere, I don't know.

So yes, I lived a year in Liverpool, where I worked teaching French language and literature. I listened to my share of Beatles songs, but more to Mozart and and Pink Floyd. When I was about to settle there, I looked for various rented places and I nearly visited a room on Penny Lane. In the end I didn't, as I had found something before which was lovely and much cheaper. I went only once on Penny Lane, doing the Beatles tourist trail, near the end of my time there. It was a nice street. I don't regret not living there, it would have been plagued by tourists. But as I said then: "At least it would have been easy to find." And I finish this post with a great unknown line... And a song.

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, imagine tourists clicking away 24/7, how awful. Great unknown line though:-) I have never quite understood the Beatles phenemenon I must admit.