Monday 19 March 2012

A walk in the sun on the main street

I am on holiday today, as I had some leave I still needed to take before April. So I am having a four days weekend. I always find free Mondays less exciting than, say, Fridays, as they still feel like Monday, if that makes sense. But today is sunny and warm outside, it looks and feels like spring, like a nice day of spring, so I am glad I am not working. Mondays at work are more miserable when they don't look miserable.

I say this, and I noticed a spectacle that is sad, almost an indication of Monday miseries: there are businesses closing on the main street. Since I first came here, many closed and many opened, but there were a period of time, shortly after I lost my job back in 2008, where businesses kept closing down at a fast and depressing rate: a big pub, a night club, a Whittard (the one I miss the most). New shops had started opening again, around late 2009 and early 2010 especially, but we appear to be on a down slope again. At least two established, popular restaurants closed and one small shops selling trinkets. Somehow I notice their absence more during springtime, on a sunny day. I wonder if it is not the start of an hemorrhage. Maybe I am just being gloomy on Monday, no matter how nice the day is.


Cynthia said...

You should have gone to Prague with a four days week-end!

A lot of shops are closing on our street and the only new shops opening are restaurants, I find it depressing when there are too many restaurants.

Mozart's Girl said...

Your town is much better than our know that I know them both! But I agree, empty shops make a High Street look very sad. Hoping that you enjoy the rest of your sunny Monday off! x Rachel