Thursday 15 March 2012

Early sandwich treat

Today is the Ides of March, but I am all obsessed about my nasty cold and about ways to forget about it until it goes. Thankfully, I am on holiday tomorrow and Monday. Not on sick leave, just on holiday. I intend to rest. It was about time: today as I was coughing like crazy, a colleague told me: "I won't get any near you, I don't want your germs". To which I replied: "And I thought you could borrow them for a while". This is I think another great unknown line, and the third one in a row that is related to my cold. I need to change topic soon.

Anyway, this holiday means that my week was ending today, so instead of my Friday treat, I had a Thursday sandwich treat. But it was the usual: smoked salmon baguette, salad, tomatoes, red onion and horseradish sauce. With cashew nuts and Coca Cola. I thought the horseradish sauce would be easier to taste with the cold. I was right. That I managed to taste something was an enjoyment in itself. I enjoyed it even more that I snearly didn't have it: as I was working late into my morning, I thought I could only take my lunch break when the sandwich shop was closing (it happened before). In the end I just made it. And it tasted oh so much nicer because obtaining it seemed so uncertain. For the everyman, small victories over minor adversity can be epic. I survived a cold, hunger and a tasteless job. I survived the Ides of March.


tao.owl said...

Great perspective. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling rough around the edges, I can empathize unfortunately.

Cynthia said...

Bois de l'eau et surtout repose toi bien, ça aide tellement à faire passer les mauvais rhumes!